You’re Batman!

It’s six pm, I’ve got a computer in my lap and I’m sitting in the old bachelor recliner. I finally understand why men have their own “chair.” It feels good, having a “chair.” After a while I realized that I started laying with my hands behind my head, scratching under my nose and hiking up one pant leg. Ok maybe not all that, but the hands behind the head makes me feel so at ease.
After a full day of work, and not stopping from open till after close, it’s almost impossible to make myself go for a run (especially now that Seinfeld just started.) However, the half marathon feels like it is not creeping, but sprinting at me with the full force of an angry rhino.

*Thought: Kramer is one of the greatest characters of all time.*

*Second thought: The Indians upstairs are going to be the end of my sanity with all that banging. It sounds like they are pogoing.*

So, after the four mile run (which I am telling myself won’t be grueling) I’ll work on a collage that will hopefully turn out ok. And despite my best efforts to blog and delay the fact that I have to bundle up in inadequate clothes, run through numb fingers, icy ears, and tingly toes, it’s time to run. Oh the joy of it all!!

The video wouldn’t let me embed it, but it’s worth clicking. Kramer at his best


4 thoughts on “You’re Batman!

  1. That scene with Kramer is hilarious! Collette, I'm so glad you like Seinfeld–one of my favorite shows. In fact, in the '90's when the show played prime time, people used to tell me I WAS Jerry. I remember a friend telling me that Jerry's line in this scene, "you kept making the stops?" was the exact thing I would have said. Fun to revisit it. Thanks, and good luck in the mini-marathon!

  2. Lori, I was one of the ones who thought you were the female version of Seinfeld. "You kept making the stops?" hahahaha! Yes! (I like "You're Batman" What a line!) I like imagining pogoing Indians.

  3. Hahahahah Aunt Lori!!!!!!!!1 I can totally see it! Especially the escalated voice that Jerry gets when no one is making sense. I love it 🙂 Sarah! I have to wait until my roommie gets back bc theyre on Sheila, her computer :)And Aunt Lisa, the image of a family of pogoing Indians is pretty punny. What I like even more than the "you're batman" line is Kramer's immediate response that he is Batman. 😀

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