Mr. Lessmore, and porridge.

I have been looking for this video everywhere. It is so beautiful, and probably my favorite animated film (even though it’s a short.) Made from the director of the movie Robots, he’s a Shreveport native, which is why you’ll see the Louisiana influence.


Lately I keep getting pulled back to childhood feelings I haven’t thought about in a long time. Yesterday after an incredibly long run, I took the hour before class to have a nap. I reclined my chair, rolled down my windows, and curled up into the fetal position. As I dozed off to the sound of the mac truck working near my car, I was instantly reminded of what it felt like to fall asleep on a school bus after a long day in Kindergarten. Only this time mom wasn’t there waking me up, but an alarm clock.

Next was this morning when I had on a sweater and sat down to eat Oatmeal, which of course was piping hot. One bite and I got the feeling of being little before school, having to eat grits or oatmeal in my scratchy polyester sweater, and how my whole body would heat up during breakfast. For some reason I associate middle school mornings with being overly warm.


2 thoughts on “Mr. Lessmore, and porridge.

  1. I remember "biting the bullet" and paying for the school bus service as I was so tired of having to DRIVE in BR traffic every morning and afternoon. As I waited on our driveway for the bus to appear that first afternoon, I was so excited to see my little blonde baby! Garrett exited the bus(of course I was happy to see him too-but he and I had already shared in this rodeo!)Wait… no Letty….Garrett hugs and informs me that you are asleep on the bus! I climbed the bus stairs, got to your seat, and there was my baby sound asleep. It lasted one week. Couldn't bear you sleeping on that bus!

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