And you can hear them on the hilltop laughing

Your song for today, dear readers. It is oh so pretty.

At first I just wanted to share this song with you, because I thought that not much had happened today and that I would have had little to say.

What an awful mentality. So instead I decided I’d make a list of things that make me happy.

Reader, I woke up today.
That I’ll get to go home to a clean apartment, because I was responsible and tidied.
Afternoon coffee.
Pictures, old and new.
Listening to cats through a speaker.
Watching someone all the way across campus fall on the ground from laughing.
That moment when you choose kindness over snootiness.
Watching Chuck Norris in the afternoons
The anticipation of seeing old friends
That there’s only two weeks to go.
Having the kind of friendship that, after a few months of neglectful busyness, picks right back up with a “There are few things a round house kick to the face can’t solve,” text.
And you, you make me happy reader 🙂


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