After struggling between a 2 ounce, 4 dollar power bar and a $5 large pizza, I finally caved and went the healthy (and always pricier) route and went with the power bar. When I opened it and found a strange fuzzy, white mystery substance growing on it, I showed my boss.
“This one’s expired,” he said, taking it.
The result of my disciplined decision? Bossman gave me and my coworker all the power bars in the store. May I note that most of them were not expired, but he was sick of their not selling. Now I’ve got boxes waiting to come home with me. Do you know what this means? No grocery shopping, and saving money in the long run. Isn’t that ironic?
As Tyler and I dumped all the boxes out onto the counter to divvy out who wanted what, I felt like the annoying kid from Kazaam, (not Shaq, the other annoying kid) in the scene where Shaquille the Genie makes candy, and if I recall correctly, the occasional hamburger, rain down from the sky.




Magic Shaquile:


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