My Issue with an Engine

I’m really sick of something.
The Kia commercial released during the Superbowl gets under my skin more and more every single time it comes on.
If you haven’t seen it, let me recap the edited version they are now playing on TV.
The camera is set, close up, on a man sleeping in his bed. Over his shoulder you just barely make out his wife’s shoulder under the covers. That’s all you see of her. Suddenly, the Sandman sneaks out of their closest and, when going to sprinkle a little dream dust on the man, accidentally trips and spills the whole bag on him.

Funny right?

Then we enter the man’s dream, which consists of the Kia sports car being advertised…oh, and Adriana Lima. Of course she’s in some spandex suit that looks like little more than a strap that’s been sparingly wound around her body and stilettos (Because that’s what a real woman wears, right?) waving a race flag in slow mow as he speeds past her in his Kia.
I get it; a man’s super charged dream includes a fast car and a super model. Why not? Adriana Lima is a beautiful girl. While it’s objectifying, it’s what you’d expect.

Here’s my question.

Why does he have to be married??
Why do they have to put that little tiny hump of a figure behind him indicating a wife?
Let single men dream about Adriana Lima all they want to. But why did this company have to make his mind unfaithful? Is it because he’s more of a rebel? Is it because the average man is married, and not to Adriana Lima?

We know the drill with advertising, especially directed toward men. Drink this beer and the super model that’s just daydreaming at the bar will suddenly want you. Order a glass of Jose Cuervo and the bartender will run her fingers through your hair. And as awful as those commercials are, the men in them never have wedding rings on their hands as they slink an arm around the super model.
Corporate Marketing. you’ve reached a new low.


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