The Violet Hour

I love this song, The Civil Wars are one of my favorite bands, with a harmony sweeter than Simon and Garfunkel. ( I know, that’s SAYING something.) The most incredible thing about their music is that you don’t realize it’s being done live (like this one) until an audience starts screaming at the end of most of their songs. This one is so beautiful not only because of their voices, but also because it is one of my favorite carols. I listen to it all year round.

I’m back at the Starbucks that I practically lived at a few months ago, in the ancient days before we had wireless. It’s been raining all day long, mostly a steady drizzle. Something about this kind of rain, that sends slow and steady drips off the big green umbrellas outside, reminds me of the rain in the Nursery rhyme stories we’d watch at Gran’s. There was one that started with a woman and two children inside because of the rain. Then she’d tell them some story, I think it was Peter Rabbit? until it stopped. After, they would walk down the soggy street as the credits rolled. I still get the feeling after a rain that I did when I watched that video. It’s almost a sad feeling. Everything is covered in sun and yet still soaking wet and muddy and unreachable.

I’ve been procrastinating my History of the English Language homework because it is beastly hard. Then I heard the girl next to me say she was studying law. Boy do I feel lazy. I must quit procrastinating and get with it!

…It really is hard though… :/

Avoir dear reader, I’m off to conquer Old English!


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