It’s me again.

It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything on here, with school and job hunting and apartment hunting, things have been pretty hectic. But, as I am sitting in a massive library in Maryland, across from Andrew as the barrels through engineering homework (intrepid soul) I figured this was the best way to kill the time.

This break has been so incredible! The first half was spent boiling crawfish and screaming my head off at third grade soft ball games. Eating sushi with Mom and Garrett, and buying bargain brand names.

One really spectacular thing I did on my break was watch The Illusionist. Not the Edward Norton film that I have yet to see, but the *almost silent* British-French film. I’m so envious of the animation in this movie. They created such an atmosphere with ink and water color, from dingy Scottish bars to night shift blue collar jobs to swanky department stores. However, I can’t stand the feeling of being so inspired and yet unable to do anything with the pen in my hand. Those days are the most frustrating, but if you’re persistent, the most rewarding as well.

The artwork: (Click to enlarge)

Now, I’m in Maryland, and have been since Wednesday. As I wake up to leave tomorrow, you know, around 4:50 a.m, and I’ll take so much happiness with me.

Things from this week:

Maryland campus is beautiful
So is spring in the North (P.S, the North is not as evil as all those rowdy southerners tell you, I promise 😉
A new closeness with people
This quote that I now love. “Give a damn. Many damns. More damns than anyone.”
The meeting of the weary traveler


2 thoughts on “It’s me again.

  1. It WAS. But, in all those emotive lines are really dark…emotions.Hah, you know what I mean? french cartoons are always beautiful and heart wrenching but and the core there is something very bleak. which is part of the beauty? It's hard to understand, I loved it but at times it gave me the same feeling fox and the hound did. at other times you're so captured by the beauty and the characters that you want to burst. I say, WATCH IT!!!!!!!!!!ps. youll cry.

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