With roses in my hands

Oh my goodness gracious, I don’t even know where to start. I guess it’s best to start with the big things and work our way smaller

Before the finals were the papers. Lots of boring ones on the poetry of seventeenth century frat boys and the statistical findings on verbal fillers and social media. Multiple Nos’ and a roommate who would leave surprise Reese’s Cups on my computer got me through it.
Then came the finals. These would have been a lot easier had work and the bull’s playoffs not been strung throughout the week.
But I survived!!!! And today as my official first day of summer, and all I did was layout by a pool and finish the Hunger Games (GAG.)
Yesterday was Mother’s Day, and sadly enough I was not with my mother, or any of my second mothers who have taken me in, yanked splinters out of my heels or slipped me sticks of bubble gum on the way to school. However, Kelsea brought me out to the great town of Bastrop to be adopted for the day by her huge and wonderful family.
The past few days have held:
  • Sitting in a church pew next to 88 year old Aunt Mabel while she told me about Boston Terrier who once gave her mouth to mouth
  • Going to Papaw Buddy and Mamaw Shirleys house, where he loaded my plate with smoked sausage and she played hymns on the piano.
  • Playing with the worlds cutest three year old who hugged me goodbye with her legs instead of her arms
  • The thought that I have identified myself as a student for the past 19 years, but not ever again
  • homemade peach cobbler
  • A visit to Marshall Tx to see SARAH where all we did was talk for two days straight.
  • finally getting to read books I want (even if they end terribly, and I should have listened to all the “don’t read the last two Hunger Games books” warnings.”)
  • Making art
  • A lot of prayer
  • Improv girls night with Jerry McGuire and Nestle turtle cookies
  • An effort to quit popping my knuckles

The days to follow:

  • A going away party tomorrow night
  • My birthday! For which mom is coming into town!!!!!
  • My family here on Friday for a huge dinner which I am so so so excited about
  • Graduation. Gulp. That one still hasn’t hit me
  • Moving out, saying bye to Kelsea. Now that one REALLY hasn’t hit me
So for the rest of the night, it’s me and an art pad. Goodnight, dear reader

One thought on “With roses in my hands

  1. Just read this and it made me INCREDIBLY happy! You're all graduated now! And you got to be with Sarah!?!?! Man. I loved the bit about the little girl who hugged you with her legs. And the bit about realizing your identity as a student is over. (!) Can't wait to see you and hug your neck!!

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