Life in Augusta

First, random thoughts:

When I asked for a rice crispy treat at Starbucks, and she brought it to me with an accompanying fork, I’ll admit I was a little disappointed.

I have discovered lately that some of the hardest people for me to be Christian people are not those I envy, disagree with, or judge; but those who make me nervous. Working on that now.
Yesterday I met an old Hispanic lady named Elba, named after the island that Napoleon was exiled to (the first time, until he escaped. YAR!). She taught me about Russian girls who specialize in identity theft and I sold her a LeVian ring.
The Starbucks baristas are collectively saying everything in the most obnoxious Wiscannsan accent they can, and it’s making me happy 🙂
Spell check refuses to recognize Starbucks as a real word, which I like.
The rest, life here lately:
A while back I was sitting in my apartment and desperately in need of some groceries. I hopped in Will Shat and began following my GPS. As it led me out the back way, which I had never taken, things began to change. As I hit Dean’s Bridge Rd, every building began to get a bit more crumbly, and the number of bars on the windows grew and grew. Not to mention that it was the middle of the day on a Wednesday and no one seemed to be at work. That Walmart trip was horrifying. Between the “Can I holla atchoo guh?” and the man who kept kissing at his children whenever yelling wouldn’t work, I was ready to get the heck out of there.
With a little help from Andrew, I’ve discovered that my apartment complex sits right in front of what is one of the worst gang spots in Augusta. Awesome. Don’t get me wrong, scrappy as I am, my doors don’t lock right and there sure is a lot of foot traffic going in and out of my complex. Thus, a move is probably in order. Downtown has beautiful old apartments with more square footage and less rent per month. However, it is most likely dangerous as well.
There seems to be a gap in Augusta. When I shared this with an apartment complex employee, she confirmed. It seems you have two options in Augusta, you can either pay 650 and below for rent, but it will never be in a relatively safe place. Or you can pay 800 and above to live in an extremely nice gated community. It seems there is no middle ground. If this is the case, give me the old-timey flat over a downtown cafe.
Today, we are leaving for Charlotte, NC. I’ve never been but everyone keeps saying how beautiful it is. We are going with our new friends, Daniel (who, when speaking to little boys, refers to them as sir), AJ (who high fives the homeless), and Nicole (who wears rain boots to the dance club when it storms). I’m officially excited. My super nice manager, Ryan, worked with me until we found a way to get my Saturday shift picked up. And, best of all, I have a weekend off for the first time since I’ve started! I can’t wait to sleep in on Saturday, get to spend a day with Andrew plus friends, and even go to church on Sunday, where I plan to hunt down a women’s bible study. (To join them, if that was violently misleading.)
More to come, but for now I have to call my power company and do other grown-upy things. I really just want to sit in the plush orange chair and read East of Eden. Can’t win em all I suppose.

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