Dusk is by far my favorite part of the day, even the word itself is magical. Dusk spent in the outdoors does to the body what the first day of fall does; the rejuvenating crispness of it all makes one excitable and perhaps, with the right occasion, a little delirious.

Source: weheartit.com via Laura on Pinterest

Today has been the most wonderful gift of laziness. After a two hour work meeting on how to clock in and out on the new system, I made my way downtown to AJ and Nicole’s place. Their apartment is a historical building off 10th street that is a bundle of dark old wood and exposed, worn brick. I spent the afternoon there listening to music and drawing while lounging around with Nicole and Walter, her Yorkie that is impossible not to love. (Walter fact: he likes to stand in front of the fan and let his long hair blow around his face like a supermodel.)
And now, I find myself sitting outside a Starbucks with Andy, each of us on our computers, him working and me diddling. Florence is playing over the speakers, my feet are propped up and there’s a light breeze. Dusk wraps up the day with a giant orange and pink bow.
Happy Sunday everyone. Happy, happy Sunday.

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