Goodness it’s been a while.

Things have been busy, which is good.
Right now I am sitting in the apartment lobby, mooching off the internet. A girl across from me makes phone calls for her company about giving discounts on some alligators that were used in a Dallas performance, and “You’ve Got Mail” is on the TV. I could watch this movie every single day, unashamedly. Tom Hanks’ delivery in this movie is perfect. The whole thing makes me crave fall air, black tights, and, of course, to be somewhere like New York during it all.
Life has been so so good lately, and full. Every weekend seems to rush by. Last weekend Andrew and I went to what might be my favorite place in Augusta, Le Maison. Squished in between a couple of crumbling houses, the Civil War era house stands two stories tall, pink with green shutters, and porch wrapped. Getting a late start, we were the only ones in the grand house. We were shown to the bar since dining was closed, and sat at a small table in the middle of velvet red couches and heavy curtains, where a Zelda, the owner, served us. We ate salmon, ostrich, chili powder chocolate, and drank what might be my favorite red wine of all time (which I can’t remember the name of.)
This past weekend I had a girls night with Nicole, AJ’s girlfriend, and Kate. We stayed up till 4 am talking about jobs, college life and pets. The next morning they surprised me with coffee and refreshing conversation at work. That night when i was finally off the three of us found ourselves snugged into a wooded corner of Bees Knees, a great restaurant beneath Nicole’s apartment. With 5 dollar espresso martinis in hand, we surpassed chatting and got down to serious life stuff, only to be met by the guys a few hours later. Those are by far my favorite sort of nights.
Now, I am in the middle of job hunting and sorting my schedule. This weekend the Hinnenkamp folks are coming in! Next weekend Mom is coming in, woot!! the NEXT weekend Nicole, AJ, Andy and I are off to Destin. And, if I’m lucky enough, a trip to see baby Ambrose may be included in early October. This would mean meeting Hannah in some city and ditching one of our cars (most assuredly mine, since it doesn’t have a fully working transmission and all.) We would then drive through the night and make it to Shreveport sometime in the morning, only to drive back Sunday. While this may sound like hell on wheels, it couldn’t sound more like heaven. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.
And now, my favorite “You’ve Got Mail” quote,
“You are a lone reed, standing tall, waving boldly in the corrupt sands of commerce.”
Now check out what I can’t stop listening to. Too CLose, by Alex Clare.

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