The Dream

Today, dear friends, I lived the dream.
It started very lazily, with me not getting up til 10, making oatmeal and coffee, and google chatting with Andrew. It was B-E-A-U-TIFUL outside; sunny and breezy, ultimate skirt weather. I sadly put on my stuffy business suit and headed in for work. Even from my car (who still remains nameless) to the door, I was thinking how nice today was and how I didn’t want to stand in a building until 9 at night. I walked into work, gave May-May a hug. (She is my absolute favorite. Someday I may even write a whole post about her.) Both of my managers looked at me and said “Go home.”
“Go home, we’ve been trying to call you. We signed you up for training on Thursday (my off day) so you have to go home, or you’ll be over hours.”
I.LIVED.THE.DREAM. I walked into work and they said I could go right on back home and put on a skirt.
Now I’m sitting at Starbucks, eating a melted Rice Krispy treat like a five year old and loving life. Not to mention, I will now get to see the presidential debate!!! I completely missed the last one, and am hoping this one is a doozy as well.
I hope your day was filled with skirt weather.
Good afternoon good evening and good night.

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