"16 Ways I Blew My Marriage"

I once read an article on the top five causes of divorce, determined by the polling of split couples. While it is interesting to see scientific evidence, it was mostly predictable.
1. Money
2. Bringing up the past
3. Not reinforcing good qualities, and so on, and so forth…

While it may not be quite as scientific, I enjoyed the advice of one man, a bit comical, sad, and very informative. While his “If I could’s” may seem naively hopeful, I find that nativity a bit refreshing.
So here it is, because “meat in a can is never awesome.”



2 thoughts on “"16 Ways I Blew My Marriage"

  1. Collette, that guy has lots of wisdom. Loved his blog post–by the way, today he posted another 15 ways he blew it. That's 31 ways he blew it!! It's funny how it's the small, everyday things that can make or break a marriage, rather than the big ones people usually imagine. Good for me to be reminded of too—never take the guy for granted! Thanks!

  2. How absolutely refreshing! I love the structure, "if i could have a do-over" and "Bonus!" ~ that's great. Gosh, he learned so much, and he just put it all out there. It makes me thankful for my husband … he's got most of this going! I hope someone marries this dear blogger. *sniff* Thanks for sharing; I'm enriched.

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