O Captain, My Captain

Have you ever heard of the Caramel Brule Latte, dear readers?

It’s one of the holiday Starbucks drinks. Yes, I am actually blogging about a Starbucks coffee. You’d understand if you had it. Sitting in my festive paper cup is the perfect blend of stout espresso and holiday cheer. The mixture is spicy and smooth. Sitting atop it is a wealth of whipped cream, ( not the kind that tastes like the inside of a can, the kind that tastes like its made with butter.) And atop THAT dear reader, is sprinkled the crunchy bits of a creme brule’s top. As the sauna that is my coffee cup slowly heats them, they become more chewy than crunchy.

I sit at a most interesting table. Against the wall is a long, plush bench, probably about twenty feet or so. Pushed in front of the bench are four perfectly spaced apart tables. On the other side of each table, a small wooden chair. I love this set up. Most people sit along the bench, as it is much more comfortable. This puts everyone in a closer proximity than usual. Instead of all being tucked away on our islands of orange chairs and cluttered wooden tables, we are all squished together. I can see the concentration on the face of the girl to my left as she flips through a thick algebra text book. I can feel the struggle of the med student to my right, doing research and jotting down notes, probably for some end of the semester paper that every professor loves to heap on you all at once. A small, crazy part of me misses it.

It’s been a wonderful holiday season so far, last weekend at Destin was incredible. I know my blog has been “lean” as of late, (Gran’s kind wording once; I liked it) so here is a quick overview of all the lovely things that have been happening

:Flew with Andrew for the first time
:Went for a run for the first time in a while, felt great (who wouldn’t running through that Destin neighborhood?)
:Had an in depth life chat with Lyns at the table over a glass of wine after Thanksgiving dinner
:Experienced my first game of 9 holes (I only drove the cart)
:Watched Andy harass Mrs. Joan throughout her putting attempts. She makes him laugh harder than just about anything, it’s a delight to watch
:Gushing about Dracula with mom, it was SUCH a good book
:Actually sticking to a work out schedule
:Finding out I can teach at private schools with my major
:Phone calls with my Pops
:The urge to create
:Cold weather, and the kind of fall leaves I’ve only seen on Google Images
:THE SAINTS FALCONS GAME TONIGHT! BRING IT BABY!!!!!!! I hope we crush them again!

Earlier I was on the phone with Valencia (dad’s girlfriend) and said I hope that we stomped those dirty Falcons. I became quickly aware of a few scowls thrown in my direction throughout the Starbucks vicinity. No matter, I took my seat and straightened my saints shirt around my waste. WHO DAT!!

For some reason, I cannot get this movie out of my head as of late. I think it comes hand in hand with the urge to create something. This is one of my favorite scenes. Is it sad that Robin Williams in this movie might have been what made me want to teach? Enjoy.


One thought on “O Captain, My Captain

  1. O! Collette. I'm so glad you took the time to describe that drink! "… the sauna that is my cup." 🙂 mmmmm, cozy. You also captured for me the bench, chairs, and tables. Thank you! I love those, though I always feel invaded when someone sits next to me. You've given me a way to appreciate the "community." 🙂 I feel like I was on the course with you, sitting in the cart, watching Andrew laugh at his mom, how great! AND, I saw on FB a quote your mom put from Dracula, so it's funny to see another instance of her reading that book. (What a book!) Hey, I'm so glad you're writing all this down; it's just awesome.

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