The life of line work

Often times when I’m looking at something that I want to draw, whether it’s a picture or a real life image, I get caught up in the realism of it all. How does that line sit? Where does this shadow end? I obsess over each aspect, and yet my favorite style is anything with loose flowing lines, splotchy ink and waves of overlapping color. Then I found this picture, I absolutely love the way that it is done.

Look at the small trees along the sidewalk. They have no tops! No limbs, no leaves, nothing. Because if they did, they would ruin the vibe of the doors and steps and windows. He didn’t draw them because he didn’t have to if he didn’t want to! Look at the two buildings with the gate in between them. He separates the buildings in order to have the gate and create a break for yours eyes, but up top near the roofs he brings them back together to keep the crowded illusion of the buildings. So dearest readers, here is a reminder to always see things in a light separate from the obvious, and always challenge yourself. Happy Tuesday 🙂


2 thoughts on “The life of line work

  1. Hello. Thank you for sharing your comment on my blog. I am happy to be an inspiration for you. After reading your post about my work – I'd just like to say that I used to get caught up in the reality of what was in front of me while drawing too. Now I just look to capture its essence. I think you'd agree, straight lines are boring. And excellent critique of my compositional choices – you are spot on.

  2. Collette, I just adore seeing into your artist brain. You really do see things the way an artist must see them. It's so exciting to see, just for a moment, from your perspective!

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