Home Alone

It’s happening, the phenomena of being home alone. 

I love my house. My mom has created a haven unlike anything I could have imagined. HOWEVER. The parents are out for the night and I am home alone. *Oh Snap.* Suddenly every sound is a footstep, avery light beam is some other worldly creature. “Is it nice? Malicious? Here to kill me? Need a pick me up?”
What the dogs don’t know is that I have rallied them around me for courage. I cleverly shut the bathroom door where they love to sleep and have forced them to encircle me on the couch. It’s probably from all the ghost talk I had with mom and Mindi about a week ago… Since when was this house built in the 70’s? Why do I feel like I can hear 8mm film flickering somewhere? I should put on country music, no ghost would stick around for that. Why is it that the only night in a month that it storms in Baton Rouge is the night I’m home alone. I’ll just have to pull a Kelsea and sleep with Hamilton the hammer under my pillow.
Oh boy, morning can’t come soon enough! The power of the imagination is INCREDIBLE. I started thinking about that, how the brain can illicite an actual physical response from the body-sweating, pounding heart, heavy breathing, pretty powerful stuff. Therefore I am desperately trying to get the ghoulish face of a ghostly old man out of my head. Aha!! I’ll watch cat videos! I bet even the ghoulish old man would get a kick out of those

3 thoughts on “Home Alone

  1. I convinced myself of a haunting of my dorm room just yesterday! Coincidentally I thought to play country music too, worked like a charm. ghosts definitely hate country music haha hope you're doing well collette!

  2. "8mm film flickering somewhere," ha! I hear it! You have such an imagination … I have no imagination, that's why I'm never scared. Ghoulish old man, where'd you get HIM, ha! Cat videos, yes!

  3. Kat!!! I hope your'e doing well too, I love stopping in and reading your thoughts :)Aunt Lisa, one of the ghost stories mom had told before she LEFT was that a woman's house was haunted and there was something from the attic. A man with a camera goes up and something RIPS it from his hands! He screams to let him down and they all run down the hall way. When they regain their courage and turn the corner to venture the hall again, there's an old man's face peeking down out of the attic!!! Or so she said…

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