There’s always money in the banana stand…


The mother of all mothers
The doozie.
The thirty day thorn in my side
It’s the End of the Month report.
Let me explain how this goes down. Every receipt that goes through my clinic is hand written. On these receipts are the cost of the patient’s visit, which may vary depending on anniversaries, refferals, roudy patients, no shows, no meds, nice patients and a million other things. On top of their visit cost is a package of pils, which may vary depending on supplements, subtleties, v.i.p’s and varieties. At the end of every day, I combine the visits and the packages, and make sure it all matches my cash check credit and debit recordings.
Oy Vey.
Today, a massive report was due, breaking down each one of these. Long story short, my cash was off. My CASH.WAS.OFF. Do you understand the implication of this? And we’re not talking about the over kind of off, the UNDER kind of off. For the next four hours I sat on the phone with Mrs. Lisa, the head manager, as we tried to locate the discrepancy. So many things were going through my head. “Can my employees hear this? Where the hell is this cash? Why did I drink that monster? I wonder if she’d hear me peeing through the phone…Why am I sweating so much? Seriously WHERE THE HELL IS THIS CASH!?!?!
Four hours later we figured it was a simple switcharoo of numbers, a bad case of dyslexia, so to speak. It was fine, all was solved, Mrs. Lisa laughed, I peed, scraped the mountain of papers off my desk and went home. The drive home consisted of no music in the car, an attribute of only the most stressful days. However, one phone call to Kelsea McCrary turned all that around.
And tomorrow is friday! Here is what is to follow for the weekend
Emoticonswallpapers.comOff by noon and endless hours of coffee talk with Kelsea, that is about a year overdue

Emoticonswallpapers.comOut on the town in NOLA for Mary’s bday with the old gang on Saturday

Emoticonswallpapers.comJazzfest, The Black Keys on Sunday. Hocheemama.

So, it’s all looking up from here. Tonight has in store Brat Pack movies from the 80’s and the most delicious three dollar wine a girl could ask for.

Random facts for Thursday:
The best moments of each individual Seinfeld character is on
I love the familiarity of the small puddle in the arc of the coffee spoon
It won’t stop raining, but it’s this extremely light sort of rain. Not like a mist, but not a drizzle either. Almost like confetti when someone wins the Super Bowl
It’s interesting to watch movie’s before teeth whiteners

2 thoughts on “There’s always money in the banana stand…

  1. I love this post! I feel so happy giddy about the weekend after living that horrible no-cash story! Emotions all over the place. Random happiness at the end, ha! Three Kramers as bullet points ~ SO happy. I think I'll read it all again. đŸ™‚

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