Since when was I an adult?

There is not enough time in a day.
However, there are plenty enough to-do lists.
When did it happen? This to-do list outplaying the time?
Sure, it happened in college. But there it made you special, the busy scholar.
Here, in this new reality that has existed for ages, it only makes you an adult.
I can think of nothing but a continuous can of unopened green paint.
Or the caulking gun.
The heaping pile of dirty linens
and the unpurchased washing machine.
The dishwasher that emits the smell of smoke when it runs,
I should probably look into it.
I’ll put it on the to-do list.
There is an untapped wealth of creative concepts.
It takes time to be artsy.
It takes time to write blog posts, and my lunch break is over.

4 thoughts on “Since when was I an adult?

  1. Waaa.Welcome to adulthood. I need to ask you: should we talk more about this side of adulthood to our kids? I always hated to paint too bleak a picture for them, but it seems they'll be blindsided if we don't tell them.Life is a to-do list, really. Every day I just move a few things to the most-urgent list; you can't do everything… so there are always those things that seem to never get done. They get trumped. It's sad about the artsy things.It always feels worse after vacation. =/

  2. Man that's a toughy. Anything my parents said was inevitable automatically seemed law to me, so maybe not. At the same tim maybe that's why so many people have regrets as they age, they think they alone got bogged down, that they would have been able to get this or that goal accomplished had they not gotten tied into the daily routine of adulthood. So in a way it's good to know that this is going to happen and to EVERYONE and that it's not a crisis. I think maybe let your children know it happens with responsibility and that, despite what "they" say, its ok to let yourself be irresponsible and skip the to do list every once and a while 🙂

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