I used to write on legal pads.

It’s been odd switching from retail hours to a 9-5 job.
I remember the days of hating, HATING that I worked Friday-Sunday. Even now, when I drive past  a busy car dealership, sit in a restaurant, buy a new top, I sigh a sigh of relief that I am not working in a world that requires clocking in on weekends.

However, I haven’t adjusted to not having week days off. Not that I really need a break in the middle of the week due to workload. It was more the quiet pace of being off in the week. Very few were at home, and I had all day to wake up, make breakfast when I liked, grocery shop, (slowly) and begin cooking around 4:30 or 5. It was heaven. To think, I used to actually ENJOY grocery shopping. I would spend a few hours in a coffee shop, writing or drawing, and then make my way down to the store when I was good and ready. I remember enjoying the feeling of standing in line behind a lady with a full cart, and not feeling an aggravated sense of urgency. I try to live this way now, but feel that one occurrence is completely dependent on the start and stop time of the next.
What it comes down to is that creativity takes practice, and I’m not practicing very well. Something is always more important. And what then, if you have more than one hobby? Perhaps it would help to assign each week of the month to a specific one.
Should passions be so structured? Probably not. Then again, “It takes time to extract joy from life.”


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