What the outrage over race should really be.


This article says it all. The race issue has exploded over the last month as the verdict in the Treyvon Martin case was released. What the article focuses on is the condition of the African American community. Bill O’Reilly speaks on the outrage that has erupted over this case because of the involvement of a “white” Hispanic. Yet nothing is being said of the black on black crime that happens every day. His biggest point: right now the African American culture is it’s own worst enemy. This has nothing to do with slavery, this has nothing to do with oppression. This has to do with hard facts and numbers that show the degradation the society is doing to itself-and that addressing it is not racism. It has to do with the lifestyle that pop culture promotes and the toll it takes on the young African Americans who deserve more. It is not that they ought to be alone in their fight to resurrect the downward path this culture is taking; it is that it must first start within the culture itself. 


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