Things from today

There is a crazy man in the elevator closet. At least that’s what he called it. I call it the closet in my office that makes strange noises and plays home to a giant metal mechanism. The crazy man is some sort of cable guy. Not like television, actual cables. All day long he strings hundreds of feet of blue and red and green covered wires throughout the building. He’s always got them looped in one hand, tugging in a rythme at one cord as he walks backwards and lets it across the ground. He looks something like a cowboy in khakis. He has bad posture, wears his clothes too big like a child would, likes ULL football better than LSU, and thinks the director of the tech department sounds like this guy:      

He’s not the clinical kind of crazy, more so the consipiracy theory kind. He talks to me from the elevator closet, and I don’t understand a word he says. Each word is low and grumbles and the end of one runs right over the beginning of another, so that I have to wait for the very end of his sentece to put it all together. Often times I just give him an “I hear ya,” in agreement.

The TV in the office plays an old black and white movie with fuzzy lighting, and a woman wearing a black dress is smashing a man’s head in a piano lid.

I just remembered that at 10:00 last night, I woke up, went downstairs to turn off my crock pot, and ended up cracking open my leftovers from dinner and shoveling as many bites of shrimp primavera as I could in my mouth before going to bed. Where did that come from?

Why are chips in the lips of coffee cups so charming?
I never get upset if I see a cup has chipped or cracked somehow, in fact, I’m almost pleased. Why is that?

In an hour I have lunch with Mom and Garrett, and am looking forward to it SO much. My boss has been out of town all week, and while I enjoy the freedom of blogging during work, it has been an incredibly boring 5 days.

And this isn’t a happening of today, but I dyed my hair a lighter blonde. So far, I love it!


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