Happy Monday

The 4:30 alarm is skipped over as a clumsy finger slides across the snooze button.
Three hours later, I rise, like one of the Living Dead.
My body rocks to and fro like a ship tossed on choppy seas as I wander into the bathroom.
My hands are a hundred pounds, my legs a thousand.
In the mirror, my eyes open only enough to focus on a small part of my face. That’s the place that gets make up today.
Thirty minutes later I stumble out of the house in bare feet, banking that there are shoes in the car.
Half way down College Drive my eyes finally open all the way to get a full look at a five car pile up.
Is it my fault? How did I get here from Essen Lane? Who’s car is this?!
I see a guilt ridden twenty year old crying as she’s written a ticket for the fender bender.
Whew, not my fault.
Finally I arrive at work, my body still heavy with sleep.
And there it is, that dark life elixer that permeates the whole office.
The sound of it trickling into a black coffee cup is enough to open my eyes to their full capacity.
I sit in my chair, pour in the thick cream that forms ribbons in my cup until it is mixed into a cloud of tawny.
Just one small sip brings life to my body
And I wish you all, a happy Monday.

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