Seize the Day Boys, Make Your Lives Extraordinary

If you’re anything like me, you often compare your failures and successes to those around you, be they famous or friends, (or famous friends.) I think, “I can sing alright enough, but never as well as someone on the radio.” OR, “I’m an alright artist; I can’t ever imagine being good enough to sell anything.” Someone runs faster than me. I can’t dribble, I can’t hit a tennis ball, etc. etc. It’s often not the failure, but the failure in comparison to someone else’s success that discourages me. And I can hear over and over again not to compare myself to others, that I’m great simply because I’m me! But I think you also need to remember that failure is part success. That if you’re not failing every now and then, you’re not pushing yourself out there far enough. As they say, out on a limb is where the fruit grows. If you don’t believe me, here’s a really nifty video to prove it.


2 thoughts on “Seize the Day Boys, Make Your Lives Extraordinary

  1. Whenever I think about Dead Poet's Society I get really excited to watch it and I get jazzed about life. Then I start to think about the movie and I get really sad and I just want to watch tv shows and feel better. Its a conflicting experience. But thanks for reminding me that I do want to watch it again soon.

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