Writing Challenge:DNA

The Daily Post’s challenge for today was to analyze one’s face and explain what you get from you ancestry. This is physical and nonphysical. So here it goes.

Many people tell me I look like my mom, though I don’t rightly see it. I do know that I have her jawline, though. And her mannerisms. Gosh am I owning those more and more each day.

My nose is an interesting one, and a prominent feature on both family sides. The bridge of my nose has Gautreau written all over it, but the bulb of it is Keith.

My mouth is my own, with teeth like my dad, and a laugh like my mom. However, the way my eyes crinkle when I do, that’s my dad again.

I have my mom’s hands, something I remember my dad telling me in the car once when I was 11.

I also have her tendency to tell an entire story with them. It often involves standing up out of one’s chair to get the point across.

I have my dad’s anxiety.

I wish I had my mom’s spitfire. (Although, sometimes I see a spark of it.) Yet I feel it all the time.

I have both of their appreciation of nature.

I have dad’s disposition to get dirty and mom’s disposition to go home, scrub up and put on something fabulous.

We all have Gran’s love for dance.

I hope someday that I’ll have Grandad’s wisdom.

I have Aunt Lori and mom’s love of art.

I share an inclination to write with all my aunt’s, cousins, and Gran.

I have my mom’s ability to sing, only deeper and with less range.

Lastly I have my mom’s eyes, which keep looking over this all, leaving me  feeling incredibly full and blessed.


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