Friendly, please


There are plenty of people all over the world who no one spoke a word to when the day is over. They may be six, thirty six, ninety-six, in poverty, home owners, married, single, they may be plenty of things. That thought always astonishes me. I wonder how many days in a row some of them have kept to themselves, or been kept out. It makes me resolute to never stop being friendly, even if it makes me that overly friendly lady at the grocery store when I’m old.

Never stop loving. Smile at the homeless, they aren’t going to accost you.

When you ask the store clerk how they are, ask genuinely.

Smile at those who are remarkably, perhaps uncomfortably different from you, and remember to never judge a book by the pages in your own.

See those who serve you as your children, parents, mom or dad. They are to someone.

I know I myself don’t do this all the time, but it’s something to strive for. It’s one more small way to be there for each other.


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