It’s time to embarrass this man. In this blog of overly mushy thoughts and romantic musings, he’s remained relatively unscathed and unfocused on. Mainly because I know that if he was here right now, he’d most likely vault me out of this chair with one arm and shut the computer off with the other. But he’s not here, and I am, and therefore I get to embarrass him, not in any ill will, but because I am always talking about blessings on here, and he is the biggest of them all (literally and figuratively.) Today is Appreciate Person X Day on the Daily Prompt, which is fitting because today, like many days, I’m overwhelmed with all the pure goodness he’s brought to my life and all the negativity he’s taken out.  He is hands down the most fascinating person you’ll meet, a blast to be around, and one hell of a strong man.

So to celebrate him, here are some things you may or may not know about Andrew Hinnenkamp:

1. If he decided to, the man could be a professional dancer.

2. He is a better friend to his friends than anyone I’ve ever seen. I have learned a lot from his understanding of friendship.

3. He is dangerously funny

4. And even more handsome….(dying yet, Andy?? 😉

5. He can pick up and be good at any sport he tries, as long as he doesn’t get angry at himself.

6. While we’re going there-if there is competition about he will find it. He can turn literally anything into a bet or a game. Laundry, playing with the dogs, swiffering, hanging pictures, high-fiving, creative storage. Ok, ok, maybe some of these are an exaggeration, but this list really does go on and on.

7.  He doesn’t like the Bee Gees or Norah Jones, and sometimes it makes me wonder if he is really an alien imposter.

8. He is an artist, even if he doesn’t think so.

9. He has the most wild, wonderfully active imagination.

10. He has more ambition in his little finger than most people possess in their entire being.

11. And last on the list,(because I feel like if I keep going I may turn around to find a very grumpy 6’5 man slowly popping his knuckles behind me) he is a privilege to love.

Ladies and gentlemen, the man of the hour:







5 thoughts on “Andy

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  3. Eeeek, Collette Seline Keith you’re just my favorite, I love the way you love him. He’s truly a superhero, every time I try to describe him to those who haven’t met him I talk in circles and they all end up with the same sentence, “so your brother is Superman?”.

  4. Gah I love this! So glad you wrote it, I love seeing him through your eyes. And it makes me happy to know you love someone like this, ’cause loving is so much fun. He’s super lucky to have your love bringing his best to light for others.

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