Playoffs?? Playoffs?!?!


I used to be amazed when Andrew would play basketball for four hours or more. I am still uber impressed by this, only now, I get it.  I used to think, “How can anyone play a sport for so long? And everyday?!” It was a love I admired but couldn’t fully get. Until now. Two seasons ago, a group of us joined a sand volleyball league out at Mangos. We were the in the worst sector, and finished almost victory-less at the end of the season. Now, one season later, we enter the playoffs completely undefeated. Mind you, we’re still in the worst sector, but we’re dominating!  🙂


Hopefully next season we can leapfrog a few courts up to some more advanced play. If I could, I’d be out there every single day, and once we start playing, I could play till midnight without noticing. Not only is it great to finally feel this way about a sport, it feels great to not totally suck at it, either.  😉



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