John Mayer has been one of my favorite blues artists since he came out with Try and Continuum.  It was during this time that he quit producing mainstream music for the radio and did a tour with the Trio, often stopping in small coffee shops to play the blues live, casual, and for free. One particular song off of this album, Gravity, was an instant favorite. I’ve always found all of his lyrics moving, saying so much with so few words, and this one in particular struck me today. The song is about a man being brought to his knees by gravity, i.e. his being human.

“Oh twice as much

ain’t twice as good,

and can’t sustain

like one half could.

It’s wanting more

that’s gonna bring me to my knees.”

I always knew this song was about a relationship and a struggle, but today it struck me that it’s the struggle of a man to be faithful. It’s poetry like this, so simply stated with such weight, that is my absolute favorite. He can have twice as much if he pleases (the man is a musical god, after all) but it wouldn’t sustain him in the way that being half of a whole would. He later says “Gravity has taken better men than me, how can that be.” While it’s very sad, (it is the blues) I could listen to it over and over again. It’s so honest. He ends his song singing over and over again, “Keep me where the light is, come on keep me where the light is.”


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