Have you ever done much reading about Benghazi? For some reason it didn’t make it onto the news for long, getting coverage on more conservative networks for a while and then seeming to simply fizzle out. It’s interesting how media controls so much of what we see.

So far, Benghazi reports have been hard to organize, with witnesses too scared to come forward. The only eye witness reports shared were through people whose images was blacked out and their voices modulated. Now, 60 minutes has taken eye witnesses who are willing to come forward and gotten their reports. This video lays it all out. The only thing I wish they would have touched more on was the Rapid Response Special Forces team that was only four or less hours away from Libya. Between the Embassy and the Annex, the devastation in Benghazi went on four nine hours.

When the president was first asked why there was no immediate response to the wires sent for help, he said they would look into what went on in The Situation Room and get to the bottom of it all. Then it came out that he was in the Situation Room during an interview, then he wasn’t, he was playing spades with Reggie Love. Not that any of this means anything incriminating, but the amount of fog that has surrounded Benghazi should raise many more red flags than it has.

It’s so important to know what’s going on, as some of these officials are thinking of running for President next term.

One thought on “Benghazi

  1. I did enough reading about this tragic mistake long ago, when it was originally reported. A screw-up in a hostile zone that costs four lives and a building just isn’t that impressive to either a news outlet, or most people who follow news with no political agenda to trumpet. That’s why most of the media and public have moved on. There’s not enough of a story for even a made for TV movie.

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