Wounded Warriors

Seeing a wounded warrior is always an incredibly humbling experience. To look at the challenge they now face, and to know that the sacrifice that got them there was for me, and for you, is one of the most moving feelings. To know so many haven given their lives or their abilities for you to enjoy your freedom, it really makes you evaluate what it is you’re doing with the life you have.

And then to see the women who stand by these men through weeks of surgery, hours of rehabilitation, depression, distance, all of it. These women inspire me to strength and the kind of love we all should have, a selfless one of sacrifice. I have a feeling these women understand this so well, in part, because of the men they love. Men who have made sacrifices for you and I beyond our comprehension. They are our brothers and sisters of America, and they sacrifice for us as though we truly are their own blood. 


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