New Years No Fears

It’s 7:30 in the Morning. I sit in a little coffee shop that is the only light on this dark mountain road. A cup of New Years resolution, black coffee, sits at my side. It is one hour until the new job begins. Around me baristas are steaming milk and people are ordering their regulars and Stevie Nicks voice is sauntering out of the speakers. The rest of the world is oblivious to The Big Change.

So very quietly and discreetly, I’ll raise my cup to bravery, and hard work, and new starts, and how good it is to be in over your head over once in a while.

See you on the other side of day one, friends.


One thought on “New Years No Fears

  1. Good luck Lettie! There is no doubt, you are the ray of Southern Sunshine that will melt the hearts of those northern souls. Show them the style and grace of a girl from Louisiana. And of course, dazzle them with your brilliance.
    Love you,
    Momma Tammy

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